One year of CreativeMornings

We launched CreativeMornings Leamington Spa in June 2019 thanks to the support of Warwick District Council, since then we have grown an exciting and vibrant network of creatives and brought that community together with our monthly events. In our first year we provided 12 free breakfast lectures sponsored by local businesses such as Haddie & Trilby, The Muse Coffee House and Pure & Raw.  

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JUNE 2019

Speaker: Drew Wilkins - Fish in a Bottle 


Creative field: digital media

Number of attendees : 68

about the speaker:

Drew Wilkins is Co-Founder and Head of Educational Content at Fish in a Bottle. Fish in a Bottle are one of the UK’s leading digital production studios who turn code into a rich and magical experience that users can immerse themselves in, as well as exploring how technologies such as VR and AR can be used to educate.

From Peppa Pig to Ai Weiwei - one of the biggest TV shows in the world to one of the biggest artists in our generation. Fish in a Bottle’s products, services and platforms have allowed users to place themselves in different worlds and explore with autonomy.


about this talk:

Derivative, Impractical, Stupid, Cringeworthy and Offensive - Drew breaks down the DISCO method Fish in a Bottle use to generate ideas, using some of his favourite projects as examples. Drew Wilkins talks about how he and his team build environment which allows them to be creative and elicit Wonder in their work.

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JULY 2019

Speaker: Sara Jones - University of Birmingham

Theme: END

Creative field: academic research / theatre 

Number of attendees: 44

about the speaker: 

Sara is a Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on the ways in which individuals and societies remember and work through authoritarian pasts. A key aspect of that has been an interest in life stories and testimonies: the way that individuals give an account of themselves and their experiences and the different forms that can take.

about this talk: 

How telling life stories through art can be made politically and socially productive.

The ‘endings’ of history are also the beginnings: forgetting the past means failing to understand the present.

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speaker: Healey Moise - Warwickshire Pride

theme: JUSTICE

creative field: music

num people attended : 34

about the speaker: 

Healey is the creator of the drag queen Sassi Afrika, who has been creating music and performing since 2013. As Sassi Afrika, Healey has used his status to highlight injustices, with a particular focus on LGBT+ and disabled rights. Sassi Afrika’s music now sells globally in more than 50 countries around the world, again spreading the message of justice and freedom for all. Healey is also a trustee of Warwickshire Pride, a charity supporting LGBT+ people. Through his charity work he has helped hundreds of LGBT+ people in need.

about this talk: 

Healey discusses his charity work and activism through performance and drag, taking listeners on a journey where highlighting injustices and fighting for equality is at the top of the menu.

Expect tears and tiaras, all with a dose of realness and sass.


open gallery Diane Arbus exhibition preview

+ humans of leamington

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speaker: Titilola Dawudu

theme: MUSE

creative field: theatre/producing 

num people attended : 41

about the speaker: 

Titilola Dawudu is a writer, editor and theatre maker. She is a trustee for Theatre Centre and is an Associate Writer for Beyond Face in Plymouth. She was the Learning and Participation Manager at Ovalhouse in London and us recently accepted the role of Programme Manager for Young People and Youthfulness for the Coventry City of Culture Trust. Her plays and monologues have been performed at Theatre Royal, Plymouth, Theatre Royal Arojah in Abuja, Nigeria, Soho, the Bush, the Arcola and Theatre Peckham, all in London. She mentors women and won the Mentor of the Year at the Women of the Year awards. Titilola has edited ‘Hear Me Now Audition Monologues for Actors of Colour’ in partnership with Tamasha, published by Oberon Books with a second volume in development. 
Recently, she was part of the team that brought together over 250 black womxn (‘x’ to include non-binary and transgender people) for a photoshoot at the Globe Theatre in London.

about this talk: 

‘Othering’ is not actually a good or positive concept. But we - as in people of colour - are othered, just as much as people who identify as LGBTQ, non-binary, transgender, etc. However, we - and in particular - black women are claiming our spaces in the art and cultural industries. Where we have felt invisible and our ideas, stories and voices have been erased, a new day, a new dawn has arrived - and there lies the rise and rise of the black woman. Who is the ‘muse’ within all this? The hundreds of black women who have contributed and are contributing to the arts and theatre ecology.


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speaker: Joseph Wallace 

theme: FLOW

creative field: film

num people attended : 46

about the speaker: 

Joseph Wallace is a filmmaker and sometime film critic. His short film, “Face in Salt”, was recently screened in-competition at the 36th Miami Film Festival, and nominated for the IMDb Pro Short Film award. He is the creator of the YouTube film series “The Video Store Review”, has contributed writing for international magazines and directed music videos, including “Roadblock” for Ska icon Neville Staple. In 2009, he spent 2 weeks pulling a 30 tonne mobile cinema across the Scottish highlands with Mark Cousins and Tilda Swinton.

about this talk: 

I am unsure of the title, but I do know I want the talk to be proactive, engaging and a literal interpretation of the creative process (at least how it is for me). A journey, to be processed and experienced that should feel rewarding and highly valuable. The talk is designed to be immersive, informal and exciting.

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speaker: Daniel Massarella - Motionhouse

theme: LOST

creative field: dance

num people attended : 74

about the speaker: 

Daniel’s a professional dancer who was part of Earthfall’s award winning ‘At Swim Two Boys’ before joining Leamington-based dance company, Motionhouse, in 2013. Since then, Dan’s created over 10 shows with the company, touring them to most corners of the globe…. from Tamworth to Tokyo, Timisoara to Tennessee!

about this talk: 

To kick off this month’s theme of LOST, we will have Motionhouse performing their duet, LOST at the start of our event. Following that, one of the dancers, Daniel Massarella, will be talking to us about the process behind creating a piece of dance, designed to be performed in both theatres and the high street.

At this event we also hosted a follow on session led by BBC New Creatives team. They were looking to commission young artists working with FIlm, Sound or Interactive media and spoke to a room full of young, local creative talent about how they could get involved.

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speaker: Alfie Amadeus

theme: SILENCE

creative field: music

num people attended : 29

about the speaker: 

Alfie Amadeus is a percussive acoustic guitarist, currently based in Warwickshire. He experiments with percussive techniques and digital effects to create rich textures and rhythmically complex pieces. Frequently performing in pubs and bars in the UK (and previously Shanghai, where he lived as an ex-pat for two years), he has evolved from playing acoustic covers to writing his own original songs. He is currently recording a set of music videos to be released as an EP.

about this talk: 

I use silence in different ways in my music. I often incorporate empty space between rich chords to emphasise their harmonic tones or dissonance. Another technique I use is playing as softly as possible to enable the sounds that usually would be silent, such as fingers brushing against guitar strings, to stand out against the rest of the music.

OliverTwins talk Copy 5.png


speaker: The Oliver Twins - Game Dragons

theme: ROOTS

creative field: Game Developers

num people attended : 52

about the speaker: 

Philip and Andrew rose to fame as the ‘Oliver Twins’ in the 1980s when they developed the ‘Simulator’ series and ‘Dizzy’ games which became one of the most famous video game characters of the 1980s. Guinness World Records awarded them “Most Prolific 8 Bit Videogame Developers” since they developed an amazing 25 Amstrad games, 17 Spectrum games & 11 NES games – 26 of those became #1 bestsellers generating around five million sales, and at one point representing over 15% of all UK games sales. They founded Blitz Games in 1990 and built it into one of the largest and most successful UK Game development Studios. Helping establish their Base of Leamington Spa as one of the most respected game development areas in the world.

about this talk: 

How it all began for the Oliver Twins, back in the 80's, at the birth of the video games business and how they played their part in the rise of video game development in Leamington Spa.

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speaker: Mark Adams - Vitsœ

theme: INVEST

creative field: industrial design

num people attended : 41

about the speaker: 

Mark Adams is managing director of Vitsœ, the company that has made Dieter Rams's furniture for 60 years. In 1993 Adams succeeded the founder, Niels Vitsoe, and relocated the company and its manufacturing to Britain. Today 70% of its sales are exported to more than 70 countries. Adams led the team to create the acclaimed purpose-designed naturally-lit and -ventilated timber building for Vitsœ in Royal Leamington Spa, which opened in 2017. A zoologist, he is a passionate advocate of the need for the world to live better, with less, that lasts longer. He lectures regularly on industrial sustainability in the UK and America including at the University of Cambridge and New York University – and contributes to parliamentary evidence sessions.

about this talk: 

In this talk Managing Director of Vitsœ, Mark Adams, tells us how in the early days of the environmental movement Dieter Rams called for "an end to the era of wastefulness". Adams explains how Rams' 10 principals of good design alongside Niels Vitsœ's vision to create furniture that lasts longer has lead to over 60 years of Vitsœ designing with their purpose - 'To allow people to live better, with less which lasts longer'.

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MARCH 2020

speaker: Community Check-in via Zoom


creative field: various

num people attended : 36

about the speaker: 

A week into Lockdown, we came together on Zoom for the first time - inviting 12 speakers from different creative sectors to give us an update on how things looked for them in this new world of social distance. We shared the barriers, frustrations and possibilities that occurred immediately due to the new normal.


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APRIL 2020

speaker: Creative Leamington

theme: PURPOSE

creative field: community engagement

num people attended : 17

about the speaker: 

Creative Leamington are an organisation who look to build connection through the community through creative projects. Alongside running CreativeMornings, they curate projects engaging local creatives with the wider community. Most recently with The Frontline Project, which was the subject of their talk at CreativeMornings. Speaking about the Frontline Project were Danny Coyne, Motion Graphics and Illustrator and Amy Dalton-Hardy, Creative Producer.

about this talk: 

The Frontline Project is a tribute to the fortitude and selflessness of the Key Workers of Leamington Spa during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Creative Leamington team spoke to CreativeMornings/LMS about how the project was conceived and developed with the end result being a bank of online, illustrated accounts of working through the pandemic - in the words of the Key Workers - and a mural to remain locally as a tribute going forward.


OliverTwins talk Copy 6.png

MAY 2020

speaker: Kristie Naimo - ARCCIC

theme: NATURE

creative field: environmental/community

num people attended : 24

about the speaker: 

Growing up on a farm in rural Australia, Kristie Naimo always had a passion for the natural world. After moving to Leamington Spa in 2004 she worked with the local environmental charity Action21 where she got to know many people in the local community and worked with volunteers. In 2011 Kristie established Achieving Results in Communities (or ARC for short!) as a Community Interest Company to continue delivering projects based around sustainability. ARC’s flagship project was the creation of the Foundry Wood community woodland. Opened to the public in 2013, Foundry Wood is now a thriving community and green space where a wide range of creative and environmental activities take place.

about this talk: 

Nature is all around us – we can find and connect with nature even in an urban environment. Kristie spoke to us about her work in creating Foundry Wood back in 2013, now a beautiful green space in the heart of Leamington Spa. This talk felt like it arrived at just the right time as many of us were turning to nature for inspiration as the usual rythm of live had been suspended.