Networking in the

height of lockdown 

Common Grounds emerged as a response to the Covid19 lockdown. We had decided to keep CreativeMornings running but adapted the format to be delivered online via Zoom. However we immediately felt the community was missing out on the interacting element that is a vital part of our monthly breakfast events. As CreativeMornings was providing such a great platform for networking, sharing ideas and checking in with other creatives, we decided to create a format that would strive to replicate a similar experience online.

We launched Common Grounds as a weekly coffee check-in for the creative community. A chance to get inspired, pose questions, catch up with other freelancers and chat about the highs and lows of the lockdown. To keep it as engaging as possible we used the Zoom breakout rooms and divided attendees at random into small groups with a topic of discussion. The result is an ongoing and ever evolving format that aims to replicate networking at a time of social distancing.

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