I am a self taught artist from Coventry. I began experimenting  early in my childhood. Always drawing and painting on things, I didn't pursue art at comprehensive school as I didn't like the teacher. 

After school I went into retail, then warehousing, where I began to manage the electrical and hardware sections. I took voluntary redundancy in order to attend an illustration course in Leamington. Here I learned some fundamental skills ( eg. colour theory, measured drawing, perspective and foreshortening and transferral of designs to further means, ie murals, canvasses, vehicles, tattoo etc) I had thought I could not manage without before, but they merely improved my skill base.

I had several exhibitions around Warwickshire and around the year 2000 I began working as a community artist in central Leamington. Since then I have worked in several settings teaching informal art skills in informal settings, all whilst painting and drawing commissions as well.

I currently run the art department in an EBD school in Worcester while continuing working on my art.

I am currently dabbling with tattooing on fake skin. 

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Richard, AKA crom, delivered the peregrine falcon

for paint the yard on behalf of brink

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