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Creative Mentoring Scheme

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Creative Leamington is a creative agency looking to promote and champion the highly successful creative industries in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire. The town houses 1,500 creative business, providing 7,000 jobs - we want to help connect people to, and across, the local creative landscape. 


We have a particular passion for working with young people in achieving their goals in creative careers. We want to give young people the opportunity to gain an understanding of their strengths, passions and values and how they apply them in the working world, as well as develop links with local creative professionals. 


Being ex-dancers ourselves, we know that, like in every field, talent can only get you so far and employability skills are still a necessity in the creative industries. This is why with our mentoring scheme we’d like to pair up students who are showing an interest in creative subjects with dynamic, innovative and successful mentors to give them an insight into what a future workplace may look like for them. We’re building a portfolio of mentors who reflect our vision for nurturing the next generation of talented creatives. We recognise, from experience that the creative industries are built on a thriving and ever growing freelance sector, we want to help the students build the skills and resilience to thrive in that environment.


We also believe in our schemes being practical - we’ve found from being mentors ourselves, that having tangible projects to look over with mentees makes for much more productive and fruitful results for the young person. This is why we’d like our mentees to work on a project under the guidance of the mentor throughout the programme.


For this programme we have also added in regular coaching sessions. We believe self reflection and independent thinking are cornerstones of successful careers. In breaking up mentoring sessions with coaching sessions, we hope to give the students the space to identify and clarify their own goals and develop their own plans to achieve them. 


The coach neither advises nor guides, focusing instead on creating a productive, focused space for the coachees to explore and pursue their own independent and critical thinking. Coaching is ideal for personal development, overcoming “stuckness, increasing confidence and developing direction.