re-imaginging spencer yard

the project

Paint the Yard has seen Creative Leamington and Brink Contemporary Arts turn Spencer Yard into a vibrant open air gallery. We wanted to re-introduce Spencer Yard as a more creative, playful space where the public could engage with some jaw-dropping street art and contemporary murals. The project laid the foundations for the bigger changes around the corner with the redevelopment of the Creative Quarter and culminated with a free Street Art Exhibition for the public on September 20th 2020.

the walls


the crown building

Designed by artist Lord Numb on behalf of Brink this neglected historical building was once used for camouflage production. As part of the project we commissioned a video in collaboration with Leamington History group to look into the history of the site. Watch now>

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the nurserY walls

The Nursery building murals were designed by two local artists Leanne Conroy and Crom who delivered The Pigeons and The Peregrine Falcon on behalf of Brink.

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 11.11.00.png





the frontline project mural

Spencer Yard became home of The Frontline Project mural, our collaboration with illustrator Danny Coyne. The mural is part of The Frontline Project - a website that tells the story of the Covid-19 pandemic in the words of Frontline Workers from Leamington Spa.

You can explore the dedicated website here:





the exhibition

On September 20th 2020 we unveiled the revitalised yard alongside mounted artworks from Brink's collection. We created a virtual self guided tour that audiences could embark on by using QR code stickers. The tour gave attendees insight into the history of the site alongside informations about the artists and their work. To do so we commissioned a video in collaboration with Leamington History Group and created featured webpages to showcase the artists biographies and work. The event was part of Heritage Open Days 2020 and attracted 250+ people. 

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 paint the yard was CURATED BY

BRINK is a Contemporary Arts organisation specialising in large scale murals and street art. Its aim is to raise awareness of Contemporary Art with a focus on Graffiti Art and Street Art, making them more accessible to the public. Brink promotes talented, emerging Artists alongside more established practitioners through the organisation of events, shows and presentations that occur in less traditional exhibition spaces. They have been organising exhibitions, festivals and events for over ten
years as well as providing street artists for high status events such as Godiva Festival and
Leamington Art in the Park.

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paint the yard was kindly supported by:

All artwork used on this page © BRINK CONTEMPORARY ARTS and photos © Foxlight Photography & Design

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